Writers block

Writers block

Writers block is a phenomenon that exists either known or unknown, regardless of ones exposure to the writing space. Writers block is a range of period a writer actually figures nothing to write as though her ocean of words were suddenly dried up. It could leave one with the feeling of despondency, frustrating experience especially when it is a topic of mismanagement.

The Lao Tsung says mastering others requires strength but mastering yourself needs strength. Nonetheless, self mastery is a virtue when there is a stake at your reactions; you wouldn’t need to flare up; you wouldn’t have to quit writing because it’s not going your way. Needless to say, things don’t always go our preferred ways despite the resources invested. But it doesn’t have to be so always with writing. There are ways to mitigate against writers block, notwithstanding how frequent you feel yours occur as though hoaxed to perpetuity.

In a previous post on the Imagination, the reality of writers block was merely scratched. It happened at the point Selasie made a wide testament of writers block in a critical moment. Sounds almost like inevitable, you might be nudging yourself to think!

Here and now, we are dealing with a certain writers block which ranks, and here’s the blockbuster.

Writing and editing same time could be detrimental

Writing is an art with so enormous savvy for impeccability. While in the process of writing, there’s always the feeling to turn back to look up how expressions, punctuations augur well; whereas there is this crucial idea put on hold in your head. However, the urge to satisfy this savvy accuracy most times leave that idea forever lost, and perhaps benignly or malignantly mourned. As a result, when you take to always satisfying this savvy accuracy when still writing, you’re needlessly suffering, something you would not and have not bargained for in the start. The danger is, you keep on editing, and editing, never satisfied while the completion of the writing remains farther away.

As a writing enthusiast, particularly with newbie or what you will describe as budding, emerging, up and coming, the qualifications are just as numerous, there is no running away from this apparent trap of writers block. The blockbuster in question is quite a principle that wants you to pull through all you have on the paper or stack them on your computer screen with the keyboard.

You might want to know, and be mindful that writing is like creating, and after creation, the creature takes on a life of its own. I would be quick to inform you that an impeccably written work, however strenuous it takes to attain, lives on like another organism. An eventual shredding, yanking off of some part would only mean a distortion, mutilation in another term.

Writing is like pouring out your whole expressive part, while attending to savvy accuracy is like some censor we have, all bound up in one head. So what happens often when the expressive part is not allowed to run its full course, your censorship gets in the way and cuts the flow. In no small manner, it affects your further thoughts and remarks. Take this analogy as an instance, where Lindahl and Rozek wants us to think of writing process no differently as clay-sculptor process- you throw a big hunk of clay on a table and start to work it from rough shape to successively finer details. All the raw materials goes onto that table from the outset and then it’s a matter of cutting away, moving around, stepping back and smoothing.