Up and out of societal restraint: celebrating divergence



One doesn’t just owe ones ward the duty of instilling in them the right socially accepted standards. But also, to protect them against ‘socially accepted wrong’ and inconsequential standards we are meant to bend to. Yep some inconsequential standards are there for moderation but shouldn’t be hammered into the child with ferocious inclination.

It’s overwhelming the way the Afro-Nigerian society weigh heavily on the shoulders of the left handed, and even address them as out caste. Thus making parents beat their kids into becoming right handed willy nilly. This is inconsequential, who gets hurt because ones neighbor is left handed? Could this be our own way of being untolerating non-conformist and divergence? We go about shaming others for being different when the so called taboo is of no consequence.

That others do that or it’s the way it’s done is not a reason why your kid should be made to do it. Let them have a strong conviction as to why they should do it. We indirectly pigeon hole our kids to follow the band wagon and not question anything in as much as others do it. Therefore, they can join lynch mobs, and lit torches of fire on fellow humans. Little wonder the word infidel is still used. What we use to refer to people who ain’t like us or doing what we are doing.

One has to take extra step to seize and filter things that ain’t right:
First of all, the guardian shouldn’t just be a regular person who does anything based on societal dictates.

Then secondly, allow your kids to explore those aspects of life that normally, society would deprive them from exploring for no good reasons.

It’s easy to allow your ward do what everyone does so that he would feel among but at what cost? The extra effort is worth it. You owe your kid that much. Your child ain’t another societal specimen where just anything is implanted into their Mind.