Half of a Yellow Sun reawakens the feeling of loss


Human beings are full of emotions. Emotions however are a whole pack of feelings every individual person experiences. A feeling like loss is one that evokes high propensity to anxiety.

We are talking about the feeling of loss. We took a swipe at twitter and found how Walter prompted a reawakening of a creative, fictitious loss of over ten years.

Twitter post

A reawakening of loss

The loss is grafted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun. The book winds down with one of its most cherished characters missing after the civil war and it is Kainene, Olanna’s twin sister.

As Half of a Yellow Sun is creative and fictional, it is also realistic. Everyone loves the feeling of happiness notwithstanding how temporal, but the feeling of loss is gargantuan. Loss is always devastating, one could imagine how Richard and all related to Kainene might have felt in shambles. But one thing is sure, it’s a real hard fight to put up with any moment of loss.