Thinking and Thanking Thursday


Yes it’s  the fourth Thursday of November! We are committed to help maintain good legacies, while we merely tell you the ugly ones so you keep off. This time its the American National Thanksgiving Day. Does it ring true in your head? Sure it will. While individuals find it extremely hard to appreciate what they have, a country is busy oiling their barbecues for the gifts received, and in another way perpuating their stream of blessings. However, this day is due to none other but as “thanksgiving and praise to our beneficient Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.”
We share this piece of turkey with you;

Beat the drum!
Blow the Trumpet!
It’s a Thursday for thinking beings
Who think before eating and are thankful after eating.

But, who made the Turkey?
You are silent?
Speak that I may hear!
Yes, it’s the Lord.

So, eat the Turkey
But, don’t eat the thanks!
Think before eating the Turkey
But, don’t eat the turkey before thinking!

When you eat the Turkey says the Lord
You shall jubilate over the task of unity
You shall think and thank God this Thursday
For in God we Trust!

*Dedicated to the Citizens of United States of America on the Celebration of their National Thanksgiving Day.
Posted with express permission of the author: Noel Ogadimma Onyeulo. The author of FRANCIS the Pope of Mercy. You can find him at