The ghosts that live amongst us





It was 10.35 pm on Friday, August 13th 1996. I was already feeling drowsy and about dozing off when i received a text message from my girlfriend Nma. The text was very short, containing only five words. It read

‘It’s cold out here Peter’

It was the scariest moment of my life. Nma had died two years ago.

At first I thought that maybe one of her friends was playing a silly prank on me, but then i personally broke her SIM card……. So how is her name still showing in the text?

Then it got scarier, Nma started liking my pictures on Facebook and also tagged herself in all my posts. For days i couldn’t sleep for i felt her presence everywhere especially at night. My room started smelling of her favorite body perfume, sometimes i felt a warm presence all round me……. as if someone was cuddling me.

My friend Ejide whom i told about the spine-chilling events, merely dismissed it as figments of my imagination. “There are nothing like ghosts” he had insisted. I prayed about the whole issue and interestingly the whole phenomenon stopped. Finally i could get on with my life…………. Or so i thought.

A year later later, on 13th of August 1997 i received a second text from my dead girlfriend, this time containing only four simple words that left me white with fear. It read

‘Peter, let me walk! ‘

Nma died in 1994, in a ghastly motor accident. She was traveling to Owerri for her screening exams when the bus she was traveling in was hit by a truck, crushing her to pulp. The sheer impact of the hit grotesquely severed her in two at waist level. One of her legs was later recovered at the nearby bush. She died on the spot. It was on Friday August 13th.

Before you read any further, i want to ask you a question. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?
Yes or No?
No matter what your answer might be, the truth is that GHOSTS ARE REAL! Now let me explain…..

When someone dies, especially through violent means like murder or a ghastly accident, a negative energy is created. Now this energy does not just appear from nowhere, rather this was the energy, that breath of life that was breathed into man initially during creation. Now when the life of man is forcefully taken, this energy (the breath of life) takes on another form, this time a negative form. Now this negative energy leaves behind an imprint of that particular event that caused the person’s death and as a result of this, there is usually a re-enactment or a recall of that ugly incident by the dead person’s spirit, most especially on the anniversary of the day in which he/she died.

Some ghosts do not even know they are dead, some of them even try to reach out or interact with the living. Only clairvoyants can feel them or even in some cases see them.

There are also ghosts who are violent in nature, these ones are called the Poltergeists. Now let me reveal something to you…… The violent nature of a ghost is as a direct consequence of the amount of negative energy created at the moment of death. This is why the ghost of a young man seeking revenge is the worst possible form of ghost to encounter. Poltergeists can cause serious harm to people, sometimes even going to the extent of killing them.

Altogether, they have been many stories of people having encountered ghosts. The most popular of these stories is that of the ghost teacher nicknamed ‘Madam koi koi’ because of the sound her high-heeled shoes make as she approaches. Although they have been varying versions of this ghost story, the truth remains that some people actually encountered her.

Mortuary attendants, hearse drivers, Undertakers etc recount chilling, real-life tales of their encounters with ghosts. A hearse driver once narrated to me the story of how a violent ghost nearly killed him as he was taking the young man’s corpse to it’s burial place, had it not been for the talisman he hung on his steering wheel.

Meanwhile, our traditional folklores are saturated with ghost-related stories. An unconfirmed myth holds that rubbing your face with the mucus from a dog’s eyes will enable you see ghosts. Others say that looking through your legs in a crowded market will also enable you distinguish ghosts from real humans. The head swelling sensation, hot flushes, heat flashes, unexplainable high fever, are some of the symptoms and signs that one might have seen or encountered a ghost. So many people have attested to having experienced this at some moment in their lives.

There are also ghosts who translocate after leaving their dead bodies. Some may choose to relocate to another country or state, establishing a different identity there, while some others even get married or get involved in serious relationships only to disappear when recognised by their previous acquaintances. They have also been veritable accounts of people who have been thought dead, only to awake from death during their burial. Some of them recount details of their sojourn in the spirit world, many claim to have been shown visions of heaven/hell.

Finally, How do you explain the practice of chaining graves? This unusual practice i have been told, is an effective way of curbing the carnage that is usually unleashed by a Poltergeist/violent spirit.

I could go on and on about this phenomenon (ghosts), but then as my late grandmother will say ‘Onye ruo uka, ofunaya!’ . It is better experienced than told. Be careful though for these ghosts are real and they live amongst us.   WATCH OUT!!!

As always, love from……….