To shackle a dead dog by Iyang Brian Blessing

The world was all gone when you woke, I know. All your dreams gone too. All left was the carcass of a dog which you bore heavily, staggering, all the way back home The night you lost your dog, you lost yourself. I know. You were walking back from meeting Justin at the park. He did not show up as he had promised, funny how you meet a guy in the neighborhood mall and expect him to keep his words. But then, that’s the desperation you have for a life. So strolling back with the dog, trying to forget about being stood up by a total stranger, you got lost so deep in thought that you forgot the dog for a second because the next thing you were conscious of was a muffled bark. Then the same guy was hitting the dog with a crowbar and you just stood there staring, confounded, until a hand from nowher...

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