You are welcome to the most encouraging creative site and we wish you a good ride with all of us here. Come create with us!!!

Storeadtime as a hub of creativity accepts submissions of all creative works of art- fiction, poetry, visual art works, photographs and videos of art presentation or performance- ordinary works as well as those that challenge traditional discipline and genres, works beyond imagining.  We are challenged and encouraged to go beyond the normal, beyond the known, to reach into the hearts of men and massage-out those feelings and emotions known and unknown to man by works of art.

Rules of submission

Organisation is key in your submissions.

  • Writings: you are required to send in your works in an organised format to make the work easier on the team. Works of fiction should not be more than five thousand words and should be submitted in; Times New Roman, font 12, pdf/doc/docx formats. We accept a maximum of four poems for publication at a time and not less than t Submissions should come with matching picture or song best conveys the mood or feeling to be captured in any piece.
  • Pictures or art works: we allow at least six of such pictures or art work per submission in jpj or png and about ten lines explaining the picture or art work by choice.
  • Visuals and audio: the videos we accept include reading of short stories, poetry, folklores, riddles and should be submitted in mp4 format and should not be more than 8 mb per clip.

Please include the following in your email for submissions:

Our email is not automatically generated to send a notification at reception. However, you shall get a notification once your work is accepted for publication


Your Right Over Works Published With Us

Sending in your work to be published at storeadtime gives us only the right as publishers and you still retain the copyright of the work. Publishing with us does not preclude you from submitting same work to other sites in as much as you acknowledge that it has been previously published by storeadtime. However, works published with us can be entered in contests, but with a notice to the storeadtime team at

Authenticity of Work

Originality is our watchword at storeadtime. We expect writers, artists, performers to try as much as possible to publish their own works, as copying or plagiarising of other peoples intellectual property is highly frowned at. If you must post someone’s work it must be with the express permission of the original author and should be duly referenced.

Our Online Community

Apart from publishing in storeadtime, we have an online community- which is a forum for artists both written and visual to come together to  share and relive experiences, as well as build ideas, motivation and confidence. Members can post works in progress or finished works to be peer reviewed before publication anywhere, whether at storeadtime or any other publishing outfit.

Click to join the Community. Once registered, your account is not approved immediately. Check your registered email for status of application. We typically approve or decline in 24 hours, send us a message if it takes longer than one day. Joining more than one community at registration is a reason for a decline. No form of plagiarism is tolerated in the community; ones intellectual child is sacred and is to be treated likewise. However, storeadtime is not responsible or liable for any act of plagiarism by a member of the forum.

Thank you for choosing storeadtime, let’s enjoy art together!