Short Story Review! Welcome to Bay Area by Sowmiya Ashok

Welcome to Bay Area is quite refreshing as well as wholly engaging unlike the many oaks one might find around. It is unapologetically contemporary as it explores one of the major deciding facets of today’s world. That is, the world technologically reduced into a nexus of networks. With the Silicon Valley as base, breakthroughs are masterminded by unrelenting brains around the world to break barriers between humans. While it is at once intriguing to find interactive Facebook, very social Whatsapp, and employment-oriented LinkedIn networks all present in the read. The writer at once shows dexterity in writing about the techie world with much coveted familiarity.
Welcome to Bay Area infuses tales of the narrator The Hindu journalist,” who meets with Gayathiri at the Inchin Bamboo Garden restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale, who tells of herself. She is an employee at LinkedIn, who self professes to have come to America for the money and Karthic whom she shared a condo with. Starting up at different times and different locations, the characters later come to know each other well of as enigmatic group. They go all out to friends’ homes, restaurants, and are caught up in any social vibe they could.
Gayathiri, who had come into America with the newness a foreigner brandishes and the sporadic acquiescence into the new culture. Similar to the story of the determined, she accomplishes; most proud, when she is able to hold a shelter over her mother. More so, before she sojourns into her bound city, she takes a peek through networks to see what they looked liked.
The characters much of whom are mainly immigrants, understand the intricacies of America and tech world, all along, draw piecemeal comparisons between America and Chennai. Coupled with a whole lot of difference were as well similarities that were made up. A somewhat comparison that lingers and further stretches into other races. Example; in the Black American in his possible choice of settlement against the Indian and, Chinese, who are top bidders. The population configuration of the set-in city; California, is given a fair hearing; how America was becoming less America by her supposed white folks and how it was becoming more America by the coloureds and others. While it is a short story, it is quite a dose of motivation and culture of these tech giants and how they survive competition; “here failure is seen as how do you actually learn from the situation so it never happens again. What is the take away from your experience?”
Then the budding gender issue, Gayathiri doesn’t recognise because of the culture in her organization. But she is swiped to wake when she attended a women’s tech conference in Phoenix in 2014 and was forced to think about it.  
Once again, the special tags dotting the story would remind one of action thrillers that incorporate single letters with numbers as identification. However, it is not only peculiar in the motion pictures also, in practice, word print detailed such as this.