Short Story Review! Fancy-Nancy’s Skullduggerous Drudgery of Love by Cara Marks


Like the former short story review episode that has the specialty of a theatre, Fancy-Nancy’s is planted on the theatrics of pre to post theatre set-up and organization. We read the story in the eyes of Nut Mag. With the beginning seeming like a gathering of ambers for a lit up, in same fashion as Greetings from a violent homeland. And the resolve almost like uncontrollable flames the ambers are to feed. The theatre group is headed by puffy Ms. Fatima and a whole array of forty students with a capricious dispersion of their ages between twelve and seventeen as subordinates. Hosted by their ginormous theatre community. The roles are assigned.

For werewolf-wolf, there is Jon at twelve, mostly known as Fancy-Nancy and his best friend; Blueberry, an African-Canadian from Saskatchewan. And there is no other name thinkable at his sight but Blueberry, it was that original. As friends they share this aloofness that people often associated with being gay. If at all such proclivity cannot be superseded still with staying aloof. Right in time, we begin to know Blueberry’s unconfessed love for Julia, Fancy-Nancy’s older sister. She has her posse (the boys) that seem to be lured and motivated by Ms. Fatima’s on and off puff of smoke to try their hands on marijuana.
As the story wears on in the eye of Magdalene, she attempts a detailing of herself and her spectacular attribute that tugs out is that she is a sneaky snoop. It is her strong, outstanding character as she goes about snooping about just anything worth a snoop. In one of her snooping adventures, because Fancy-Nancy and Blueberry kept diaries, Fancy-Nancy’s read; I wish I were a flower and everyone called me beautiful until I wilted and died and made sad teenagers write songs/poems about me because they were certain my life/death meant something profound. And in another, there was; “I snooped Blueberry’s notebook because I felt he was a kindred spirit because he had a weird name; my name is Magdalene, after the Biblical whore. I am not a whore, and Jesus loves her even though she’s a whore.”
Meanwhile, as an abstract; if holding tenaciously to some passions proves the point of being addicted to them, and if the validity Nut Mag seeks is true coupled with her snoopy antics. Just like her Biblical Mag, we all are adversely whore-fied by the things that are repeatedly done through us.
And the Nut Mag she bears because she had brought banana and nutmeg to school, because of how obsessed with nicknames her school was, she answers Nut Mag.

However, an initial incident happens; Fancy-Nancy kisses Blueberry backstage during dress rehearsal. It was almost a confirmation of their aloofness culminating in poignant boy-boy kissing. And Bettina, their captor let out screams out of bewilderment. Consequently, Fancy-Nancy was holed up in detention at school as Ms. Fatima was irked out. Maybe as some veteran that is a master at her expressions, most things Nut Mag says of her are heard from her. From the intricacies that saunter, Fancy-Nancy may have been billed for a lead role that as the play was a big one (where the Mayor comes!). Ms. Fatima said, “if Fancy-Nancy doesn’t apologise and all the shitfuckstuff doesn’t get sorted at the office, the show may be cancelled.”And it was all hell let loose on a mission for Fancy-Nancy, a saviour mission for the play.
Right into the act of spying on the receptionists who were busy, Nut Mag, as she was less likely to be noticed snatched the key from the ring. Down into Fancy-Nancy’s detention room, he had been shoved out through the already broken window. Courtesy of Ms. Fatima, Julia and Blueberry. With the play on set, there are trivialities; more kisses (Blueberry and Julia), water dispensing spree that got the audience squealing, awestruck. For a commendation to Nut Mag, who was on point with her bush portrayal. Devastatingly, Fancy-Nancy sets bush on fire with a lighter Julia’s posse left at home, like it was the ultimate end of any bush! though without the slightest of intentions. Tragic as it may have turned out, it turned good as Nut Mag thought. Because of the second degree burn nobody called her Nut Mag any longer. For Magdalene, there would be Moses who had less stigma than a whore tag. He saw the burning bush. He was a chosen leader and so was the talk of everybody as she liked being the hot gist for everybody, for Julia’s posse she wasn’t able to be part of.

Illustration; Fabrice Florin as related in Fancy-Nancy’s by Cara Marks

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