The year 2017 in review


Inauguration comes with its expectations- little or grandiose as the case might turn out owing to possible variants. However, on our part, we’re stupefied with what 2017 turned us into, becoming a regularly frequented budding literary mag with its range of pieces.

As the year winds down for another, there would be lots of flexibilities and creativities to front.
Meanwhile, as we review particularly some seven pieces that made the year totally awesome, and in the process accumulated most views, we jointly look up the writers for their immense dedication and contributions. Once more and specially, we introduce the newest face of storeadtime; Jerusha Sammy.

The list begins with when love comes around. Say, our little poetry anthology of the year. It equally boasts as a single post with more writers. Indeed! Poetry is life if not part of life.
The post flaunts writers as Hillary Ike, Debbie Mayk, Odera H. U., Mayor Ihechi, Inyang Blessing, and Kwesi Brew.

The ghosts that live amongst us, is one that particularly shouldn’t pass you by without a glance. Peter Oz always knows what’s at stake and gives his possible best. Ever thought about or had unusual feelings about ghosts? reply us later in the comment box after you’ve read through the piece. Share. Share. Share.

For Christians, how about a remake of the story of Judas the betrayer? one of Jesus’ chosen disciples. Who killed Judas in simple terms paints the dexterity with which Peter Oz waxes stronger with the pen. As an illustration, the piece describes how thoroughly lucid storeadtime comes with literary pieces.

There’s nothing bad with dreaming, not naively dreaming but having dreams. It is said that our dreams keep us moving but they shouldn’t just end with having dreams, they are supposed to be worked on. The piece; dreams should inspire you to heights otherwise something jaw dropping will definitely keep up with your dreams as Cajethan Amakor shows with dreams. Moreover, “it has depths to be searched…” stands as testimonial.

How do you kill a baby? Reservedly, Peter Oz will be better placed to begin with an answer. Perhaps, this might just crop up as a possible resort. With Peter’s how to kill a baby that seems an affront to the sensibilities, it doesn’t teach you how to go about terminating infant lives. You guessed it wrong!  Impliedly, it makes a profound point without ever uttering a word of moralism, see for yourself. The power of writing with style! The piece keeps you afloat with words at their proper place, immense that they could prompt nauseous feelings, like the evil of killing a baby.

Here’s one from the reviews. Short story review! Ophelia by Breanne Mc Ivor. Just as Marcus Blackman, imagines a kiss with this girl, that would start and rise in crescendos. Likewise, the short story rises beyond the sprawling National Academy as Marcus and the girl, named Ophelia rehearse for a billed joint performance for the Performing Arts. Whether or not Marcus realises this imagined kiss with Ophelia is worth discovering. Tap the title to find out without having to deal with the seeming bulky story even, though it’s still a short story anyway. Your stories are worth featuring too, use the medium;

Investigative is a short piece served from the repertoire of Cajethan Amakor. It tells in a judicial atmosphere about Kone and Kwado, who are brothers. Both stand in counter grounds as plaintiff and defendant respectively with the magistrate at law as their mother. As in the open society, there are obstructions to justice that Kone is determined with. With the obstructions in their proper place, observe what Kone and Kwado’s mother’s decisions amount to.