Review of God’s Children are little broken pieces .By Arinze Ifeakandu .


Review of Gods children are little broken pieces
Arinze Ifeakandu

Wow! is what escapes from your mouth in this gripping and mind bugling story by Ifeakandu. His story is dipped in a pool of simple but well crafted words that reveal the emotions of his character at its length and breadth. It is fast paced with an almost perfect usage of words. With this one Ifeakandu presents a 3D narrative that you will want to read. The work is centred on the love lost between Kamsi and Lotanna; a not-usual kind of love for folks in this part of the world where that kind of love is highly frowned at.
Ifeakandu here joins the increasing number of contemporary Nigerian writers and other writers in Africa broaching the controversial issue of gay sexuality especially in the African society. He perfectly paints the picture of what it means to be gay in a country where it is actually a crime and the trouble that comes with it. The confusion of even deciding to admit what you feel for fear of people getting to know and being ostracised or even imprisoned as it had been enshrined in the law of the land.
 However this is, Ifeakandu presents his character to us in such a way that the reader come to feel for them, wants not to hurt them, if not fight for them even if it’s for the period of the reading.  He shows the humanity and fineness of human relationship and this subtleness makes the work strong. The story makes its case both in style, language and theme this makes it a must read.

When Lotanna met Kamsi at the stadium, an observant reader would immediately have a foreboding of things that would follow such a meeting. When they meet again after Kamsi performs wonder with the organ at church service the doubt is cleared. The subsequent meetings brought them together. Soon Kamsi packed in to live with Lotanna. Lotanna would watch him say this prayer in mornings when there was no lecture rush.
“God grant me the serenity
To accept the things i cannot change;
Courage to change the things i can
And wisdom to know the difference.”
With time something already started to brew between them; something Lotanna thanked God Rachel helped him escape, but something he does not want to take full responsibility for, even though he knew, from the very moment that Kamsi was one of them. When Lotanna finally came around to identifying, Kamsi wondered why it had taking him that long. Yet Kamsi would not give in to all they felt they should do, he was hurt by someone called Kent. So he would take his time.
There is problem at home Lotanna transferred the aggression to Kamsi. They would quarrel again, this time not a transferred aggression. Kamsi wanted Lotanna to break up with Rachel Lotanna’s girl friend back at Kano but Lotanna is not bulging.
When Lotanna travelled home after his semester exam to see his sick Mother and Rachel reads Kamsi’s message to him, he would lie that it was a girl from his class and that things had ended between them. Subsequently he did not text nor reply, neither did he pick Kamsi’s calls.
The tension at home increased. Lotanna’s mother was lay broken in the hospital, while his father still slept out in another girl’s house. Lotanna decided he had had it up to the neck and confronted his father. In anger he would return to Nsukka.
At Nsukka, was Kamsi waiting and ready to leave. Later when Lotannas mother died they made up. Kamsi suggested they make a blood covenant. He is threatened by some students who said they would have beaten the thing out of him if not that he was cute.  Time passed. When Lotanna called Kamsi He was warned by a voice he did not know, another man’s not to ever call the line again. After some time he would call this time the line was switched off. When Lotannas family visited him at Nsukka he opened up to Dumebi his younger sister who after looking at Kamsi picture exclaimed that this one could even convert the pope himself.  She also asked him what God would think.
One is left to wonder why Lotanna did not go to visit Kamsi personally. For the time he would think of him and create dreams where he Kamsi comes in to ask him “Lotanna you look so broken.”