Responsorial psalms for Advent and Christmas: Composed and Compiled by Sanctus Oleka and Daniel Azubuine

Sanctus Oleka and Daniel Azubuine are promising young composers who have spent years composing musical pieces ranging from traditional songs, solos, hymns and classical pieces. Responsorial psalms for Advent and Christmas is a new package that comes with both score sheet and audio. The essence is to improve the liturgy through music and foster a good worship especially this advent and Christmas season. The Sundays and special days until Christmas, unique as they are, are given responsorial and psalm backing. Download score sheet RESPONSORIAL PSALM FOR ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS COMPOSED AND COMPILED BY DANIEL AZUBUINE AND SANCTUS OLEKA now for free Download audio for each psalm the Sunday that precedes the Sunday of the psalm: First Sunday of Advent- Year C. To you o Lord I lift up my soul Solem...

Creative Fingers Network takes us Beyond The Horizon

The maiden exhibition of the artist of the creative Fingers art Network, was themed “beyond the horizon” Creative fingers Art Network is a network of budding and established artists that seeks to make a difference in the visual art world, by creating and presenting opportunities where members and art generally would thrive. In this exhibition they came together to create in this age, what I would term an impact-filled art, as all the art works to all intents, constructions and purpose takes one beyond the horizon. The exhibition which opened at the National gallery of Arts Enugu and ran for two days 9-10 of November, featured about seven artists working across different media and orientation:art works from pencil/pen on paper to oil on canvas, to charcoal on paper and various m...

Book Talk Gallery: Tomi and George’s Pieces of Me at Ignite Foundation Africa

We bring you highlights of Tomi Adesina’s book talk at Ignite Foundation Africa. George’s Pieces of Me.¬†Though it’s coming way too later, it is worth it. Photos: The Anonymous Cherif  

One good thing being African

Step out to an occasion and you’d be glad if you had that intricately designed piece of Miriam Makebe or the Addis-ababa, because they are just too good to turn down. One good thing being African can be surmised as ‘everything good will come.’ And it comes not vaguely but surreptitiously in the wide spectacle of typical African prints that know no bounds. Down the years, African women especially the Igbo have found expression and unanimously embraced creative art fabrics that come in wax, java and other formats. That was in the 60’s, textured in black and white. And now there’s a wider testament by a whole population, continent and beyond that have continued to identify with the heritage. While this traditional heritage stamps a definition of African culturall...

Twitter swipe: Half of a Yellow Sun reawakens the feeling of loss

Human beings are full of emotions. Emotions however are a whole pack of feelings every individual person experiences. A feeling like loss is one that evokes high propensity to anxiety. We are talking about the feeling of loss. We took a swipe at twitter and found how Walter prompted a reawakening of a creative, fictitious loss of over ten years. The loss is grafted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun. The book winds down with one of its most cherished characters missing after the civil war and it is Kainene, Olanna’s twin sister. As Half of a Yellow Sun is creative and fictional, it is also realistic. Everyone loves the feeling of happiness notwithstanding how temporal, but the feeling of loss is gargantuan. Loss is always devastating, one could imagine how Ric...

The ArtHub 2018

The arthub 2018 is a conglomerate of creative passions hosted under the auspices of Poets in Nigeria Initiative. However, the storeadtime as an online space apt with creativity imagines a worthwhile workshop under the Poets meticulous initiative. The day is organized to impress with creativity all right round, of course creativity is beauty, as well as entertainment. It is billed to feature: exhibition of creative works, poets, storytellers, photo runway, oral Solutionists, and much more. So it is a total Poets-day-out, plan to attend. Other details find their place in the banner below. And as they play out, we will be here to keep you in the know with the day’s exclusivities.

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