One good thing being African


Step out to an occasion and you’d be glad if you had that intricately designed piece of Miriam Makebe or the Addis-ababa, because they are just too good to turn down. One good thing being African can be surmised as ‘everything good will come.’ And it comes not vaguely but surreptitiously in the wide spectacle of typical African prints that know no bounds.

Down the years, African women especially the Igbo have found expression and unanimously embraced creative art fabrics that come in wax, java and other formats. That was in the 60’s, textured in black and white. And now there’s a wider testament by a whole population, continent and beyond that have continued to identify with the heritage.

While this traditional heritage stamps a definition of African culturally, our attention at typical African is roused by Daniel Obasi’s new short video Udara.

About the short video, Damilola in Konbini says; Daniel Obasi’s work is very important in the creative scene, as he thoughtfully touches on social issues while still being interesting…he’s just released Udara, an important film that explores past and present Igbo culture. Udara approaches Igbo beliefs about spirituality and reincarnation in a way that is appealing to the modern day millennial.

Strikingly in the short film, we notice a collaboration that involves Vlisco, a Dutch side whose ateliers have found their way into the continent since the 60’s and counting. As when Vlisco is involved, one is sure to see sights of their legendary fabrics; the Santana, jumping horse and all the revolutionaries. Because of these revolutions, confidence is awakened where lax and slack, built sturdy where none. Most efficiently, it is one side of Africa that is always adorned.

With Udara and vlisco, it is a wholesome creative partnership that permeates into the spiritual.

See Udara

Author: Henry Analyst

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