Uchenna feels a breathe of fresh air in Nnaji’s Lionheart


I am a shameless Genevieve Nnaji butt kisser and I just saw Lionheart. But this is not even about my Genny fanaticsm, but about appreciating a very brilliant film.

Lionheart just like its name is a very brave movie. I really like what Genevieve did with this. She said no to stereotype …she said no, we are tired of seeing the same old wicked, scheming uncle who wants his brother’s property, she said no we are tired of going to the cinema to see movies that have the most luxurious sets and locations but no soul, no depth, nothing just a showcase of what I like to call beautiful nonsense! She said no, we are tired of seeing these new generation actors who care more about their beards looking perfect in camera and their waist trainers sitting right in place than giving a stellar performance. Miss Genny said no, we are tired of seeing unoriginal contents and forceful use of an accent that is not ours and my dear Miss Genny decided to take the road less travelled and it paid off. Babe has her movie on Netflix!! and look at what she did with my beautiful state! I grew up in Enugu, but watching this movie made me appreciate my beautiful state even more. The way she projected the east and our culture and oh don’t get me started on the beautiful fusion of Igbo and English language…that dining scene!!!

Genevieve told a simple story about family, love and loyalty. I like the fact that the comic scenes were not forced, I like that she didn’t make the movie about her and I think that is one thing most of these actresses cum producers are yet to understand. She knew this movie was bigger than her.

What I love most about Lionheart is that it is not a sell out. Many filmmakers constantly make the mistake of being a sell out in order to reach a wider audience but Miss Genny came with her Igbo language, her abacha and ugba dining scene and still made it to Netflix…my sister seriously warned me not to spoil the movie for those of you that have not seen it so let me stop here for now 😂 … I give Lionheart 10/10. Lionheart is such a breath of fresh air!!!

Reviewer: Uchenna


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