Kimberly’s darling Angel picks roses for bazaar


Kimberly’s Angel sits on a 16×20 dimensional frame. In the background, the Angel is doned on white sleeveless lace and is seated on an evergreen turf with legs crossed in the garden. Her wings are flocked with feathers that flap and exhume heavenly sweetness. The turf appears in shades of lighter green and thick green.

Her face is busily buried picking roses that forms an unbroken train of a garland. Her face drops some worry when it draws much of attention with the wan look that suggests a deprivation of affection. Plenty of affection she ought to spread over her rose garland for the bazaar.

She meticulously scurries each petal and makes sure the white Kimberly brushes each petal is not soiled, otherwise we would be seeing the undeserved petal kissing the turf beside her foot. However, the petal receives a subtle approval from the butterfly nestled on it and sucks delight. She prefers her hair fluffy, forming a peak and is rounded by a crown Kimberly gifts a thicker green.

Behind the Angel is a mismatch of bushes that grow thicker deep inside. The bushes are variegated with green, white, grey, red and black colours.

Good news is, Kimberly’s Angel is not returning to heaven today, she dropped down for the bazaar and she is going to see it out.

Art illustration: Kimberly Dorman