In the absence of the pen

As a sequel to our earlier post on creating and recreating with the imagination where imagination formed the conclusion amidst other themes, we bring to your delight passion, not merely as a concept rather…explore!
Where passion, viewed from certain vantage has some stigma that it’s hushed away. In our episode, it is this fire in the belly that fires up the writing engine. Even though, on making an alignment, obsession begins to tug out from the long queue. With it inclusive, all these we harness to quip ourselves.
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Long story short, our stream of imaginations and eager passion are indisputable to push the art of writing ever rolling, even when it rolls up moss, and nudging it to its farthest end, almost in ambience with the state of art. As imaginations are fed, passion is nurtured. As passion is contagious, it accounts for our many influences in outstanding figures of creative writers. ‘I caught this passion and am no way stopping short,’ ‘it’s my passion having form’ you would easily perceive.
See a glimpse of imagination in ‘Who Will Greet You at Home- Lesley Nneka Arimah
And so, if it takes reading to make a man and, writing to be a full man, as Francis Bacon had tipped over the millennium. It then makes for a trite of emphasis and possibly over emphasis, even to a third degree to ‘read, read, and read’ and more to make most/ever ready writers- gripping one with mouth gaping styles and inspiring newer concepts. In same breath, making a writer from nonstop writing. Though, a piece may appear unbecoming on a second read. It’s always the courage to finish; a great deal of patience is more than necessary to ink up satisfaction and more; fulfilment from writing, which surely comes.