Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s autobiographical debut, Farming, trolls with raw emotion

Farming is a true story told with raw emotion and lurid violence, it vents into the elements of the actor’s life story bringing to light a disturbing, eye-opening coming of age drama. The story focuses on the practice that existed between the 1960s and the 1980s, when thousands of Nigerian children were fostered to white working class families in the UK, a process known as “ farming”.

Kay Oyegun to script Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone

The Fox/Disney acquisition of the epic fantasy film based on the bestselling novel by Nigerian-American author Tomi Adeyemi is set to be scripted by This Is Us writer Kay Oyegun

Uchenna feels a breathe of fresh air in Nnaji’s Lionheart

"What I love most about Lionheart is that it is not a sell out."

Netflix goes to Nollywood

“Lionheart” is only partly a movie about how a woman takes charge of a company in a sexist society. Although the film’s description implied a focus on a feminist perspective on business, it lacked any real exploration of the subject.
The Balcony of Frozen Tears series

The Balcony of Frozen Tears EP. 2

“I remember playing outside my house with my very good friend. It was afternoon and the clouds which shielded the hot rays of the...
Breaking walls by Gidi

Breaking walls

"Breaking walls- He wants to help her through trust and love where she had built walls around herself to make sure no one could...
Child of forgotten world

Child of forgotten world

Sabbath son memoir ‘‘What would you. Some tea? One more walk by the willow tree; Under the moonlight, maybe?’’ For old times’ sake, Said he. No response. Dead she. A...
Lionheart (Photo: tiff)video

The relatability of Lionheart and the one world barrier

While Lionheart is an enterprising original home video that talks business- it is also a story "following Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji), a competent yet perennially...
The Balcony of Frozen Tears series

The Balcony of Frozen Tears EP. 1

Dear Diary, 1st December, 1995 So it has been like what five years that I penned this down? Five since I saw your smile. That one...

Responsorial psalms for Advent and Christmas

Sanctus Oleka and Daniel Azubuine are promising young composers who have spent years composing musical pieces ranging from traditional songs, solos, hymns and classical...