Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Kay Oyegun to script Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone

The Fox/Disney acquisition of the epic fantasy film based on the bestselling novel by Nigerian-American author Tomi Adeyemi is set to be scripted by This Is Us writer Kay Oyegun

Half of a Yellow Sun reawakens the feeling of loss

Human beings are full of emotions. Emotions however are a whole pack of feelings every individual person experiences. A feeling like loss is one...

How Stories Matter

...Onyeulo Noel O. Because of how close we are to stories, with chuckles; closer than you ever imagine. With Noel, we point you how stories...

Responsorial psalms for Advent and Christmas

Sanctus Oleka and Daniel Azubuine are promising young composers who have spent years composing musical pieces ranging from traditional songs, solos, hymns and classical...

One good thing being African

Step out to an occasion and you'd be glad if you had that intricately designed piece of Miriam Makebe or the Addis-ababa, because they...

Hell’s gate

By Peter Oz., "Hey, don’t sit there, you won’t be comfortable!” I turned and beheld the stunning face I have seen several times. It was Debby,...

Who killed Judas?

Short Story Review! Welcome to Bay Area by Sowmiya Ashok

Welcome to Bay Area is quite refreshing as well as wholly engaging unlike the many oaks one might find around. It is unapologetically contemporary...

Geo Lawrence’s first single, Sambisa, goes on fact finding

For a fleeting moment of four minutes or thereabouts, relive the tragic tale of a Soldier; who was deployed to sambisa forest, but came home in a black body bag

International Literacy Day, September 8

We light up our world through literacy! I guess not. How it would be so ridiculous to think otherwise. At least, why not write a correct...
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Nigerian rambunctious TV drama shows ideal culture

Cast in the rock dotting grounds of Enugu, Nigeria, West Africa. The Prof. JB, short for Professor Johnbull fits as the TV drama we...

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Who will greet you at home- Lesley Nneka Arimah

‘Who Will Greet You at Home’ is not like any imaginative piece that comes by easily. But with this short piece one might be...

Uchenna feels a breathe of fresh air in Nnaji’s Lionheart

"What I love most about Lionheart is that it is not a sell out."

To shackle a dead dog by Iyang Brian Blessing

The world was all gone when you woke, I know. All your dreams gone too. All left was the carcass of a dog which...

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