Monday, October 21, 2019
Breaking walls by Gidi

Breaking walls

"Breaking walls- He wants to help her through trust and love where she had built walls around herself to make sure no one could...
Marie Aagaard

Artiste you should totally check out: MØ.

Born Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, "MØ", 31, is a Danish singer/songwriter. She has been described as an "electronic" and "indie pop" artiste. Her music feels like fire that's gently stoked so that it's just enough to warm your mind's insides, to me… Songs like "Blur" and "I want You" from her "Forever Neverland" album, are just wild enough so that it makes you want to get sparky without wanting to break things…

Nigerian rambunctious TV drama shows ideal culture

Cast in the rock dotting grounds of Enugu, Nigeria, West Africa. The Prof. JB, short for Professor Johnbull fits as the TV drama we...

Short Story Review! Fancy-Nancy’s Skullduggerous Drudgery of Love by Cara Marks

Like the former short story review episode that has the specialty of a theatre, Fancy-Nancy’s is planted on the theatrics of pre to post...

This life na film

This life na film wey I no wan act. Say I no wan act, na better fact. Human being na actor, Earth...
Poets in Nigeria Initiative

The ArtHub 2018

Expectations: The New Horror Flick

Introducing: Jerusha Sammy There's nothing scarier than expectations. The ones you place on yourself is on a mild scale, the ones others place on you is...

The year 2017 in review

Inauguration comes with its expectations- little or grandiose as the case might turn out owing to possible variants. However, on our part, we're stupefied...

The story of the girl whose birds flew away- Bushra al-Fadil

The short piece ‘the story of the girl whose birds flew away’is but a translation from its original language- it all the more tags...
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Flash Fiction! Dreams

  In this segment of our flash stories, storeadtimefloats and explores a more technical read. It is titled dreams and, dedicated to the youth of...
Poets in Nigeria Initiative

The ArtHub 2018

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Kay Oyegun to script Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone

The Fox/Disney acquisition of the epic fantasy film based on the bestselling novel by Nigerian-American author Tomi Adeyemi is set to be scripted by This Is Us writer Kay Oyegun

Geo Lawrence’s first single, Sambisa, goes on fact finding

For a fleeting moment of four minutes or thereabouts, relive the tragic tale of a Soldier; who was deployed to sambisa forest, but came home in a black body bag

Short Story Review! Welcome to Bay Area by Sowmiya Ashok

Welcome to Bay Area is quite refreshing as well as wholly engaging unlike the many oaks one might find around. It is unapologetically contemporary...

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