Monday, October 21, 2019

Short Story Review! ‘Greetings from a Violent Hometown’ by Ritu Monjori...

  ‘Greetings from a Violent Hometown’ is a short piece seen in the eyes of a young Indian girl, whose homeland is scattered into smithereens,...




Marie Aagaard

Artiste you should totally check out: MØ.

Born Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, "MØ", 31, is a Danish singer/songwriter. She has been described as an "electronic" and "indie pop" artiste. Her music feels like fire that's gently stoked so that it's just enough to warm your mind's insides, to me… Songs like "Blur" and "I want You" from her "Forever Neverland" album, are just wild enough so that it makes you want to get sparky without wanting to break things…

Geo Lawrence’s first single, Sambisa, goes on fact finding

For a fleeting moment of four minutes or thereabouts, relive the tragic tale of a Soldier; who was deployed to sambisa forest, but came home in a black body bag

This life na film

This life na film wey I no wan act. Say I no wan act, na better fact. Human being na actor, Earth...


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Creating and recreating with the imagination

  One striking feature of imagining, the imagination, is to create unreal images wherein lies the artistic ability.  In this article of the month of our...

How to kill a baby

“Doctor, the patient is ready” the nurse informed. Roused from my reverie I hurriedly grabbed my stethoscope, hung it on my shoulders and hastened to...

The party jugglers

Tonight, as usual, there is no light, so U see by the light of your Infinix note 4 facing down on the table and...


The portrait of a man we raise but do not want

Male masculinity is a topic that raises eyebrows because of it's perceived oddity. A topic that demands lots of courage to be talked about. However,...

How Stories Matter