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The CreativeLive is a platform that has taken to inspire, grow inspiration and develop passions. With an all inclusive agenda, “there’s a creator in all of us,” there’s something for everyone. Highlights of the platform are categorized in five; photo and video, art and design, music and audio, craft and maker, and money and life. In other words, business runs parallel in these resourceful categories because you can’t keep back after just a class.

CreariveLive Photography Course

A passerby just checking in?

1. There are free classes streaming every week, and 24 hours daily. Just in case you never go through a path that has not been walked. Well! It’s too much for a doubt because the live contents and amazing reviews from participating students are just as true as they are convincing. You will find paid classes and free classes as well. Example, here is Podcast Week 2018, free live broadcast scheduled for four days (sept. 10-14) and coursing up between 8:00am to 4:00pm. You also get on-demand access to materials.

Feeling inspired

There’s something for everyone so far you’ve got some passion. You only need to choose out of the five creative categories and you are on your way reaching for higher heights. More over, there are always conditions of lack of inspiration on ideas, what to draw, write, shoot, and the others. They are all well covered in daily tips, projects galore and inspiration as you will find on the blog.

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At CreativeLive, there are over 1,500 curated classes handled by 650+ of expert instructors, and the community is incredible at 10,000,000 and more of creators. What you’d love particularly about these classes is the liveliness, it’s momentous you’d long for more. Lifetime access to materials, anywhere, anytime. Streaming on HD and downloadable files. Available on desktop, mobile and tablet among other guarantees.