Geo Lawrence’s first single, Sambisa, goes on fact finding


For a fleeting moment of four minutes or thereabouts, relive the tragic tale of a Soldier; who was deployed to sambisa forest, but came home in a black body bag

The inspiration for this song, is sourced from the truth that soldiers are one of the persons who bear the nation on their shoulders, especially when it comes to security.
Sometimes Soldiers in Nigeria are colloquially conceived in the negative sense because it is thought that they perpetrate all sorts of deeds that violate the human dignity of the citizens they are meant to protect. This may be perpetrated by few uninformed personels.

This however doesn’t detract from the onerous and all important jobs done by soldiers.
Using sambisa as a point of connection, one may become minded to appreciate the truth that there are good soldiers out there. Better still is the reality that these soldiers lay down their lives on daily basis, for our sake and at the irreparable cost of the tears of the loved ones they return to, in black body bags.

Bio— Geoffrey is a graduate of law from the University of Nigeria. He is a singer, song and script writer, wordsmith and music beats producer.
Sambisa is his first single.