The making of the sands of time


Itroduce a new chapter to our bludgeoning collection; Culture Talk coming soon. Starring; our host of joint writers. Since it is birthed, Culture talk will incisively challenge for good, some of your smooth flowing stream of mainstreams. Read the  inaugural piece, Sands of time.

I was only being overtly conscious; what if the world were to phase into some new era, (it doesn’t necessarily need to wait for another millenium to mark the boundary) would these present coveted disciplines still hold their pride of place, or are we to see some others emerging in the scene, like the technology as it is today, or instead, are we to go the way of our talents and gifts.

Who says nothing changes in the existent world of uncertainties, despite a gazillion of predictables? Maybe uncertainty itself is somewhat change unpronounced. Diverse as many culture sticks there are and predictable, they may seem, like scientific advancements geared towards pin-point definition of phenomena. Still, issues arise with these cultures that are almost and thoroughly bound within themself. Fair enough with the preamble. But, with growing scores of fragmentation playing in the big world scenes; right, left and centre, what stock do we have to check? We observe that…

The world would not remain the same when the Roman emirate surpassed Greece with force, neither would it remain same after the horrifics of WW 1 & WW 11. Those were changing times. I can’t help imagining what the bestselling interpretations were when Hitler was doing his thing. Fast forward a couple of decades later, African states would turn the way of autonomy, the foreigners were expelled, the world changed, things never did remain same afterwards. Rather! Begin with the peaceful kingdoms and communal habitats dotted with tribal wars, then the heinous activities of human trafficking. In all of these twists and turns relevance has continually switched gears in allegiances.

And maybe, currently the howling cries of autonomy begin to shake the fabrics of a known convention; with stirs from Catalonia chiefly,  the two wealthy regions in north of Italy, Belgium’s Flanders region, France’s Corsica, Biafra, only to mention a few. Will these uprising continue indefinitely? Who knows! guess, things always have their end.

With these almost escalating hoots and pangs, there might not be a need for mortar to bury recalcitrant stirs, to calm fears. Because the defeat of dialogue allied with our growing mammoth Tech’s, is proving more fatal. At each of these turns, the world grows the more fragile and stitched with complexity, with or without devices. Generations succeeding another try their hands in a couple of things to prove their mettle, their relevance. They try their hands on diplomacies, unions, Techs, laws, ideas; both constructive and destructive, just to keep the world floating. So, situations maketh men, is that it? This time, these things announce a subtle transition as always into relevance(must it be economically efficient?). Say new relevancies; how you maintain your continued relevance, and I sustain my continued relevance in our world. These relevancies remain indelible that they provoked sands of time. I thought you should horn your good skills. Settled.