Creative Fingers Network takes us Beyond The Horizon


The maiden exhibition of the artist of the creative Fingers art Network, was themed “beyond the horizon” Creative fingers Art Network is a network of budding and established artists that seeks to make a difference in the visual art world, by creating and presenting opportunities where members and art generally would thrive.
In this exhibition they came together to create in this age, what I would term an impact-filled art, as all the art works to all intents, constructions and purpose takes one beyond the horizon.

The exhibition which opened at the National gallery of Arts Enugu and ran for two days 9-10 of November, featured about seven artists working across different media and orientation:art works from pencil/pen on paper to oil on canvas, to charcoal on paper and various mix media; talk about photorealism, expressionism, portrait and landscape paintings. Not to mention the video cartoonist, a 9 year old autistic Chisom who created her own cartons using her laptop.

A cross section of artists at the exhibition

In this exhibition the artists sought to take us on a journey beyond what we immediately see, or what is not obvious, especially the beautiful aspect or outcomes that can be birthed by a seemingly ugly situations. They wanted to change the narrative about life. They wanted the audience to look at life differently.
Not withstanding the difference in the stories told by the art works and messages, all the art works had varied means through which they, in their own way, subtle or obvious, took one on a journey beyond what is immediately given. They were able to create a parallel vicissitudes of love and hate, despair and hope, light and darkness through a carefully selected artworks, which allowed attendees to ponder on the meaning of life.

With some of the art works one is first caught by the beauty and aesthetics, the message filters in slowly after a little explanation by the artist, while some other works render themselves easy to understand.

Aspirations by Oyibor Uchenna

Aspirations by Uchenna

Aspirations was one of those that one connects with immediately .

We find a girl-child floating a balloon of her dreams. In the green colored balloons we see written, her goals, aspirations etc. We find that despite her age she looks ahead to a time in the future.

“Apple of our eyes” for instance, a painting on canvas which shows the picture of two lovers leaning in to kiss does not immediately take us to any cliff , much less beyond the horizon. However once the artist opens his mouth to explain we were all flown on the flavor of apples to a sphere beyond normal man_woman love.
The art work sought to engage our sense of aesthetics as well as our mind. It erased the thin line between, objects and subject. To juxtapose the two worlds in other to pass across his message.

Apple of our eyes

The Apple of our eyes by Umeh

In the words of the artist. Everyone likes apple and breast alike, so in this work I try to replace what we like with another thing equally liked to pass across the message…

Beyond my horizon

Beyond my Horizon by Goodness

Like “The Apple of our eyes” like “Beyond my horizon” by Goodness. Despite a suggestive title one doesn’t immediately enter into the feeling of the art. With it’s seemingly rough and shadowy sight. However one gets the emotional connection after a little bit of explaining by the artist, the rest falls in line. In Goodness’s Beyond my horizon, we see a man standing in front of a mirror in a seemingly uncanny environment, full of shadows, which the artists says represents doubts, uncertainties and conflict. However this man is able to see in the mirror a different depiction of him self, a much better version of himself, the man he wishes to become someday. We learn that despite the challenges of the present we should be able to look ahead and get a clear picture of the h

Paul explains the inspiration behind his work “disconnection”

“Disconnection” a photorealistic drawing by Paul has a personal Story behind it, which is the story of the artist himself. In the drawing we have a live size picture of a girl standing akimbo with wires disconnected from its socket drapped over her, against a black and white background.

Paul tells a story of disconnection from loved ones when he chose, against all suggestions to the contrary to become an artist. He cited instances where the father would throw jabs at him, for instance when his neighbor was inducted as a pharmacist” that he was busy messing around with paint while his mates are making something out of themselves.
From this and other experiences Paul draws the inspiration for his work. The wires disconnected from the socket depicts his disconnection from family and friends who would rather he didn’t draw as a job.
However, he remains obstinate and focused on his goals as an artist. The dove in the white background of the work goes to say that despite the challenging darkness of his current experience he would soar high.

For want of space I will not go ahead to talk of all the works exhibited… however special mention is deserving of the works of two young artist Chris and Chisom.

Chris Paul is a student of GTC Enugu and had heard of the exhibition a day before its commencement, so he quickly put together a piece of art work (pencil on paper). His work portrayed day and night. He sought to juxtapose the two times of the day in order to pass across the message that after every night, the day must surely dawn- in every bad situation of life that one should look forward to the bright day to come.

Audience viewing Chisom’s cartoon

In the picture, the audience watch the cartoon by Chisom being projected while she has her head buried in her phone.
Interestingly enough, when Chisom was asked the name of her work she said it’s her secret and she wasn’t going to tell.

Moving away from the beauty of art to the business of art, one would want to know why art works are sold at a relatively high price( the least price being #20,000), making it seem like an elitist something. However in response to this Goodness has this to say
“Art works are sold at high prices because they are originals. I mean they are a product of deliberate creativity, time and resources. Thus, artists place their work highly. If people buy some technologies for a high price I believe people should be able to purchase art works that spring out of creativity, time and resources at some tangible cost”
She further says; “Art works can be brought down but it all depends on the artists. Art really in it’s nature should not have a fixed price because it appreciates with time. Especially when it springs out of creativity. But it depends on the artist to reduce the price.”

One may or may not totally agree with her on that.

However we continue to enjoy art one way or the other and exhibitions are perfect way to get glimpse of beautiful art works, especially for those who can’t afford to own one.
We hope Creative fingers Art Network, having come on the stage with such a loud opening, that they continue dishing out art at its best, to impact and engineer positive change in the society. We look forward to a bigger and better exhibition.

Author: Chichebem