Child of forgotten world

Child of forgotten world

Sabbath son memoir

‘‘What would you. Some tea?
One more walk by the willow tree;
Under the moonlight, maybe?’’

For old times’ sake, Said he.
No response. Dead she.

A Bird’s Plight

If you have chased the sun
Lusting its burn;
Above mountain heads
Down to ocean beds

If you have caught the wind
In the pocket of your wings;
Gliding sky high
The envy of mortals nigh

You can talk to me then
Of the misfortune of a rainy day
We can trade tales until when
The clouds see fit to go away
And we, once more, can take flight
As high and far as we delight!

A Boy’s Will

To be nought but happy
Where the fates serve
Chances sour or sappy
And mankind, to preserve

To tread courses uncharted
To caress contours forgotten
To depart hence skin unscathed,
Soul awoken

Listen to the river, it sings true
It’s early days one hardly recalls
When its brushed on the hill
Again and again till it cut through
Such is same of a boy’s will
Where it wishes, may scale walls

Rubber Band Effect

Push me to the edge
So I can pull closer to you.
Stretch me to nerve’s end
Maybe it will bind us two.
Maybe it won’t.

Author: Inyang Brian Blessing

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