Cafe by the sea littered with memories of summertime


Pirates find home away from sea. Tourists find home beside the sea.

In this version of Kimberley’s acrylic painting of cafe by the sea. The experience of the eye catching 11×14 painting implies everydayness.

However, it is a moment caught still as the longest break (July and August vacation) of the year winds down. Needless to say, it is a blast in the heat of summer. Tourists decline drastically as the perennial customers of coast dwellers spend quality time in the cafe discussing about town. Much of the talk derives from the sea, it is never exhausted. Little wonder it is a likely pass for pirates, pirates of the cafe heritage. Sea workers turn pirates in the cafe by the sea.

The path is well shaved with eager feet always on track. The cafe is part of an old architecture and forms the porch. Green life is hewn all around and so is not an attribute. Sadly, this area of the coast has just one embargo. This is no place for mobility. With a big chasm of difference and comparison closed with the embargo, space is shared.

Awkwardly though, the cafe has something mysterious going for it. It doesn’t believe in names, and so it doesn’t have a name as it is infamous in the coast. Names are only attributed personally and on experience.


Author: Kimberley Dorman