Breaking walls

Breaking walls by Gidi

“Breaking walls- He wants to help her through trust and love where she had built walls around herself to make sure no one could hurt her again.
I just want to be left alone- I just want to be left alone is a frequent excuse for everyone that comes around. Excuse that forms from the recesses of a depressed.
You have my attention- It gets easier to sense other things going on around him, still maintaining an attentive face to her ultimate opinions.”

Breaking walls

Between you and I, is a wall.
Thick of trust issues,
Lies and betrayal.
You didn’t want to let go
Of the pain, the spite.
The anxiety almost kills you
You face this every moment of your life.
I want to help you trust again.
I want to help you let go.
I just want you to be happy again.
Let’s break the wall.

I just want to be left alone

I watched the sun fall in between the trees.
Listened to the crows holding a brief conversation.
Smelt the trees deep into my lungs
And buried my hands in the sand.
One shadow was missing – yours.
Now, I just want to be left alone.

I have been reaching for love so long,
My arms became weary of stretching each muscle,towards you but,
You swing your arms away from mine.
Somewhere along the way, you forgot about me.
Now you seek my attention.
I just want to be left alone.

My dream still does not extend
Past the walls of this room.
I am caught between the fear of failure
And the fear of trying.
So, I just want to be left alone.

You’re not the perfect girl
For my present character.
Then again, my present character
Is not perfect for me.
I am not an easy person to understand.
It takes time.
So, let me just be left alone.

Your eyes only showed your words
“I don’t think I’ll be happy for a long time”.
But you played yourself into believing that,
The two of us could get back together.
For as memories come and go,
You’re a bouquet of forget-me-nots
That I wish I could.
You see why I just want to be left alone.

You have my attention

Just you and I seated in room.
You have my attention.
You talk endlessly,
Not caring about being right or wrong,
With a single opinion – YOURS.
The expected result is always that,
I should find myself impressed.
You have my attention.
The room becomes dark.
My eyes fixed on you as you go on.
A light odour of rain awakens
My other senses.
You argue on and finally,
the window becomes drenched by the rain falling.
Drowning out not the sounds but, the words.
I listen intently to the rain.
Never removing my eyes from your mouth.