Book Review! On Becoming… by Toke Makinwa


This silver-tongued tale about the author, which she tells by herself opens up with a devastating confession, and the difficulty accepting a deed in uncontrollable sobs. And having the motivation to do what might be called the needful; “I ask him to leave. It is close to 11pm on a Thursday night but I don’t care, pg5.”  What ordinarily she could have allowed to lay bay as at the first instance in the novel. A reaction she had not thought of in a stretch of years she had been with Maje.
The author and chief character; Toke Makinwa, On Becoming… relates the sweet memories of a together, loved up ‘brown’ family. With their challenges confronting them, they had high hopes and better aspirations still. Until all came gracing the floor in bitty shreds due to the inconsistencies heavy and pounding in the hearts of their two interchanging house helpers. With the enduring sweet paradise of her home, soothing comfort of her mum, “my mum was no slouch in the discipline department either, despite being the one we ran to for ‘saving’ from our dad, pg11”  Hardworking and protecting guardian of her father figure “after he got the 504 he started coming home even later than usual…I checked it was my dad; he had a face cap on…he explained that he had driven his car as a taxi all night, pg10” were all snapped away in the overture of a leaking gas cylinder in a bevy unfaithful morning. Things would toll up from there as they shatter apart. There was a great chasm at about time loss toyed with their regular life.
  The emotional imbalance of keeping up with the inevitable found her headstrong, impatient, revengeful, and as hard as her situation-seeing faith only in her elder sister, Opeyemi.  Growing up, she found herself dunked in the boisterous nature of youth life while at the university of Lagos. However, she had to play in between the touch line to make a fairly good grade in the university. It was after what is supposed a mysterious discovery by unrelenting Big Mummy. In one of her disappointments, she thought she had found solace in a new guy, Maje. But her relationship with the Abuja-based undulates frequently because of his flirtatious proclivity-one would think it was all over every now and then; “Maje travelled for three months and it took toll on our relationship…by the time he got back, I wasn’t sure where we were because we had fought so many times. Pg45”
Finally settled with Maje against all advice; accepting not to throw in the towel on him. One sees in time her never-let-go attitude and courageousness that characterized her keep-advancing career and celebrity personality. Because, it was well and mostly planted in Nigeria, the job insecurity in her begins to pop up, making her a staunch workaholic to maintain her standard and career. Leaving the family to suffer-what would be a later discovery. Only a year into the already unsteady union, things keep their stormy ploy as already anticipated in still tender marriages by the protagonist. Up until this moment in the word print, her far flung reoccurring opposition, Anita, keeps witch-hunting her. When it seemed the antagonist had a fistful upper grasp and wouldn’t let down either.
Toke discovers a personal lover who fit her sagging condition. He is able to mediate the vacuum since her eight year and proves a better contender to her interlocutor, and a perfect arbiter between her and Maje. Only if you had grasped a copy, she would lead you on how secretly and quite openly she bares herself to him as he proves the point of her; On becoming…Still becoming…and Will become bold.
For Storeadtime
Author: Toke Makinwa is a popular Nigerian OAP, TV host, Vlogger.
 She is known for co-hosting The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7FM.
With her On Becoming…she bares fourteen chapters of introspective
Thought inspiring read; A must tell and not a tell all!