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Book Review! On Becoming… by Toke Makinwa

This silver-tongued tale about the author, which she tells by herself opens up with a devastating confession, and the difficulty accepting a deed in uncontrollable sobs. And having the motivation to do what might be called the needful; “I ask him to leave. It is close to 11pm on a Thursday night but I don’t care, pg5.”  What ordinarily she could have allowed to lay bay as at the first instanc...

Short Story Review! ‘Greetings from a Violent Hometown’ by Ritu Monjori Kalita Deka

   ‘Greetings from a Violent Hometown’ is a short piece seen in the eyes of a young Indian girl, whose homeland is scattered into smithereens, so much she wants her father to scoop the family to America. The voice is a personal narrative in present continuous tense, dotted with see through words that go all the way to heaven and back in keeping the piece done and dusted. While being cult...

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