And I fell in love


What happens when the dawn breaks.

I stirred. I awoke. The sun rays were already peeping through my shutters and the birds where chirping sweet melodies from atop tree branches. It was a bright morning. I stepped out. I looked from the balcony and saw the heavens that stretched above me adorned with patches of dazzling blue and white.

The orange sun was casting a warm smile upon earth filling her every side with resplendent lights . The grass of the fields looked fresh and green. The sands on the beach were glistening. I looked at my skin and it, too, was glistening.

Then came a serene wind administering refreshing surges and awakening all it touched. It blew upon the flowers and littered the air with pleasant sweetness. It blew upon the raging waves and tides and the waters were made calm. The trees swung dancingly in the breeze, not only the trees; the sparrows too cruised in the air. But not only the sparrows; the butterflies too were dancing. They fluttered their wings, and my wandering eyes were seduced. My eyes were coaxed to join in the dance.

But wait a while! Let my whole self consume this beauty, not just my eyes. Let this rhythmic music soothe my aching heart. I stretched my hand to catch the air, to catch the moment, to keep it; as if I had a magic wand. It was needless, as it come to me. I could at once feel the touch of the gentle, misty air. I could breathe it. I could feel it gently caress my face, and down my neck simultaneously. I closed my eyes and took it all in with a heavy gasp… It sent a shocking quiver down my spine. My soul drowned in its splendor.

I wished those sweet moments could not pass. I wished I could suspend time as I was taken in rapture in the pulchritudinous ecstasy. If this were heaven, linger then my soul! Were it to be paradise, I was apt to mutter; “behold, dear soul your noblest home!” in prayer.

Then for a flashy moment, every thing stood still. I found myself in the morning of creation. I was stricken with awe, and could not behold its grandeur. I tried to sing but only heard my breath. I peered yonder and a simmering light pierced my vision. I opened my eyes. But my prayer to remain eternal was not answered. Yet I knew what was before me was enough miracle. I fell in love with the beauty of creation, and all the more with its Beautiful Creator.

Author: Modestus Ogu

And I fell in love

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